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JMQ2 Series double power automatictransfer switch


JMQ2 Series double power automatictransfer switch (ATS) is suitable for the transfer between two power sources,common source (power supply I)and standby power supply (power supply ll), whose rated voltage is below 50Hz, 400v (AC) when one power supply malfunctions as to be sure the safe, and stable power supply.The setting mainlyused for hospital, shopping centre,bank,and chemical industry metallurgy high building military facilities etc important situation where power breaking can t be allowed This product complies with standard of IEC 60947-6-1, GB14048,112002,etc.

1. Povided with such protective functions as checking two sources of voltage at the
same time,protection when any one phase or one phase above experiences under or over voltage guide phase.
2. When two sources have abnormal or faulty tripping (Overload,short),the controller wont send out the order to realize the protective fundion of reopening and dosing.
3. Six working models manual control self-throwself-recover,common source (power supply I),standby power supply (power supply II),breaking eclectricity and re-tripping selfthrowno self-recover)
4. When the working mode is in the automatic control state,it has two self-throw no selfrecover, self-throw,and self-recover functions.
(1)Self-thrownon-selfrecover,when the device ertersthe working state,power supply I auttom aticall throws into supplying electricity; when power supply ll has an abnormity,the it will automatically transfer to power supply I.
(2)Self-throwand self-recover:when the device enters the working state,the common source throws into supplying electricity, when power supply has an abnormity,it will automatically transfer to standby power supply,when common power supply recovers it will automaticall yrecover common power supply but when the standby power supply has an abnormity.the controller will emit an alarm soured.



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