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JECPS Control & Protective Switching Device


Adopts module structure and integrate with main function of breaker, contactor, relay and motor protector.

Small volume, save 90% energy consumption.

The newest protecting device for exhaust fan and drainage pump.

Skyscraping cost performance


CPS Code Description

CPS is "Control and protective switching devices" is the new low-voltage electrical products, as

a new category of products, its product category, code-named "CPS" (Control and Protective

Switching Devices). CPS meet standards: GB14048.9 "Low-voltage switchgear and control

equipment, multi-function devices (or equipment) Part 2: Control and protective switching

devices (or equipment)", IEC60947-6-2 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 6

Section 2 multi-function electrical control and protection of switching equipment. " Meet GB

standards and IEC standards for electrical design requirements, said method shown in Figure 1.

KB0 is to fill the gaps of the first generation of CPS categories of products.

JECPS (1KB0) control the protection switch is KB0 improved products.


JECPS (1KBO) control the protection switch is mainly used for AC 50Hz (60Hz), rated voltage

up to 690V, rated current from 0.16A to 125A of power system, the ability to access, load and

breaking under normal operating conditions including overload conditions current, and the ability

to access, load and breaking under normal conditions of non-current, such as short-circuit



JECPS (IKBO) control the protection switch modular structure of a single product type,

integrating the traditional circuit breaker (fuse), contactors, overload (or over-current, phase)

relays, starters, main isolator, etc. function with remote control and in-situ direct human

control, with instructions and Electrical signals panel alarm function, with coordination of the

time - current protection features (anti-time, fixed time and instantaneous protection features

three sections), can be realized General (not frequent start) motor loads, frequent starter

motor load, the load distribution control and protection circuit.

The main parameters
1) two dimensions (ie, two frameworks, code-named C, D).
2)into the main circuit poles: 3 pole,4pole.
3) subjects rated current rating: C framework includes: 12A, 16A, 18A, 32A, 45A;
D framework include: 16A, 18A, 32A, 45A, 63A, 100A, 125A.
Intelligent Release cover setting current: minimum setting current 0.16A, the maximum tuning current of 125A.
2) short-circuit breaking capacity rating:
Economy (C) 35kA;
Standard (Y) 50kA;
High breaking type (H) 80kA.
3) expected under short-circuit current breaking time of 2 ~ 3ms, the following limiting factor of 0.2.
modules and accessories categories and uses
4) Body: a short-circuit protection (similar to the MCCB and fuses short-circuit protection), control (similar to the device's remote control access), local control and indicator.
5) Intelligent Release: With overload and overcurrent protection functions, including setting the current value of inverse time overload, over current time limit, setting the current value can be adjusted. Divided by principles, and uses a variety of types, type and specifications.
6)Auxiliary contact: contact interaction with the main circuit, with electrical control and indication function, divided by the number of contacts on a variety of specifications.
7) Signal Alarm Contact: one with the auxiliary contact operating mechanism and linkage with the work of state and the cause of the malfunction indicator, to provide two pairs of signal alarm contact.
Normal working conditions and installation conditions
1)ambient air temperature: -5 °C ~ +40 °C (24 hours, the average value does not exceed +35 °C).
2) Altitude: Installation site altitude does not exceed 2000m.
3) grade pollution: pollution degree 3.
4)Humidity: Maximum temperature +40 °C, air relative humidity of not more than 50% in the low temperature allows a higher relative humidity, for example, 90% at 20 °C. Occasionally, due to temperature changes of the condensation produced by special measures to be taken.
5)Installation Category: 380V system installation category 5,690V system installation category 3.
6) Protection class: IP20 (finger touch with the anti-function).
As JECPS (IKB0) series of products with integrated control and protection functions, modular, smaller structure, high degree of protection against environmental pollution, high breaking capacity circuit current, short arcing distance, power, long life, protection function, continuous operating performance and high reliability, easy installation and maintenance of operating a series of advantages, therefore particularly suitable for the following systems:
Industrial facilities
metallurgy, coal, steel, petrochemicals, ports, ships, railway and other fields of power distribution and motor protection and control systems;
Motor Control Center (MMC), in particular, intelligent electronic control system or require a rated breaking capacity Ics up 80KA control and protection system of distribution;
3) single motor control and protection systems;
Distribution Center
Commercial and residential facilities
1) modern building lighting, power conversion, pumps, fans, air conditioning, fire protection, lighting and other electrical control and protection systems
remote control lighting system.
4)information processing center (banks, municipal securities trading centers, etc.)
telecommunications room
commercial buildings (shopping malls, supermarkets, supermarkets, etc.)
port or railway systems (airports, railway passenger transportation center, etc.)
highway lighting or ventilation systems
military resident control and protection system (such as border posts, radar machine stations)
Fire Protection System
various occasions, the fire pumps, fans, etc.
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