Air Circuit Breaker
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch
JMC(GMC) A.C.Contactor
Control & Protective Switching Device

Jaecele Electric Co.,Ltd. is a mainly industrial electrical appliances, manufacturing research for the integrated set of high-tech enterprises. Enterprises existing staff of 350 MS , Of whom more than high-class engineering and technical staff of 75 people, mainly production Intelligent Air Circuit Breaker series, intelligent MCCB series, and small electric circuit breaker Chung Protector series and AC contactor series. Access to a variety of products Certificate, and through a variety of management system certification. Companies with quality products , And perfect after-sales service to win the recognition of domestic users, and more than 50 countries and regions established long-term customer relations of cooperation.

Looking to the future, the face of economic globalization, the company determined based on the forefront of electrical industries,and constantly improve and better ourselves, "do first-class product, a first-class goods Card, "the noble faith, adhere to the" supremacy of customers, quality service, based on technology, the pursuit of perfection "corporate philosophy, committed to the national industrial takeoff. We really - And you hope that cooperation, create sharing on the road to success, is determined to forge ahead even more glorious future ......

"A first-class product, first-class management, and first-class services," and to the company’s operating purposes. Faced with the challenges of the new era, we old and new users join hands to build a great, create brilliant.

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